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Five Works Portfolio

Silver Dragon, watercolour on paper, 2021

The spurious pictorial style adopted by the painting translates the symbolised appearance of St Austell clay pits into an easily-confused image.

Budget Cornwall
Budget Longrock, watercolour on paper, 2021 - 2022

“Our impression of a land is based on our experience of going through space which could be illusional due to factors like sequence, sensational disruption and etc.” A budget of £100 and without a car certainly formulate an experience that is hard to forget.

Background Noise
Background Noise, mixed media 2022

An image digitally collaged The Mirror of Marazion with Old Crowns of this Land. It states the necessity of decolonising the cross-cultural gazer himself because the existence of the personal background could form personal bias, which influences the analytic thinking process.

Midoriko's Nessie
Midoriko's Nessie, mixed media, 2021

The image is a collage of digital drawings and a watercolour background. The artist intends to express the idea that the desire of wandering & seeking may influence the objectivity in discovering & examining landscapes, he assumed this could be the psychological cause of the romanticised interpretation of landscapes. 

Circle, mixed media on canvas, 2022

The painting was inspired by quoits in Cornwall, and created to re-experience the ritual process of making an unusual shape to nature. The artist translates the process of "rationalising unexplainable (perhaps, the human nature of curiosity)" in to a visualised concept.

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