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When you walked in a community that you never been to, they suddenly stopped the conversation with their alien local tongue. They are kind, paranoid, hiding their insecurity with not hospitality but hostility. In silence, they manifested: "We are the kings of the past, we are kings ruling this world, we are forever crowns of this land! Por que 'Sinome maruvan ar Hildinyar tenn' Ambar-metta'!" Those furnitures they abandoned inconsiderately in public space, and carefully placed spring onion plant pots, somehow managed to become the smallest entity authored this landscape. 

---- The Crowns of this land

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It is fascinating to see how information layers onto another. We can always rely on music for introducing a paralleled dimension that compartmentalised from optical language, a way of creating an "illusion", which could be converted into spiritual/emotional sustenance. So interesting when we deconstruct ourselves, our spiritual selves. Smithson was right, it is always about thermodynamics. 

I want to see la Alhambra again, Gandalf! And then find somewhere quiet to finish my book.

---- Modern Bard

But I have my own past......my own thing, I can't always do as you expected can I?

---- Guaranteed Orient


Quiero viajar hacia el sur hasta que ya no quede más sur...al Polo Sur.


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An era                          but

always                         if

fades                           you

                  look what is beneath


"Off to see the world"

So she did,

so does her.

Do we search 

for similarity



a strange landscape?


do we start 

to bend the void

into our colony?

---- Midoriko's Nessie

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