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I'm Ce Chen, an artist and a PhD researcher. My artistic practice traverses a diverse spectrum of media, ranges from graphic-based drawings to 3D installation.

My fascination with the Cornish landscape took root many years ago during my Bachelor's studies. I was drawn to the idea of how specific landscapes can shape identity and the symbolic potency they can possess. After completing MA Fine Art Painting at Camberwell, I moved to Cornwall to undertake Authorial Illustration at Falmouth, and further delve into the theoretical and methodological intricacies of a research topic I had proposed.

I am currently in the third year of the PhD research program at Chelsea College of Arts. My research focuses on the Cornish landscape and identity from the unique perspective of an outsider, exploring these themes through the ethnographic lens.

I approach painting as an agent of provocation. Authorial illustration has introduced a multitude of possibilities for narrative visualization. Traditional elements such as words, themes, and compositions can be harnessed in unique ways to decisively influence the outcome. In the words of Gary Powell, it's about going "back to basics." I've immersed myself in these fundamental elements to provoke or invent questions. I play with linearity, definition, materiality, and the concept of time-space. I firmly believe that art, within its specific context, systematically challenges our perceptions - even if the context is idealised or needs to be fabricated. Practice can be tooled to challenge the stability of a system, 'like tossing a stone in a dead pond', stimulating response, generating reflection, catalysing new idea.



2014 - 2017, University of Brighton, BA (Hons) Illustration

2019 - 2020, Camberwell College of Arts, University of the Arts London, MA Fine Art Painting

2020 - 2021, Falmouth University, MA Illustration: Authorial Practice

2021 - on going, Chelsea, UAL, Research Programme PhD

 2022, Art on the Celtic Fringes 1880 - 1945, short course, University of Oxford

2022, Cambridge University Summer Programme

Teaching Experience

2022- ongoing, Graduate teaching scheme, Graduate Diploma at CCW

2017 - 2018, Spring Field Art, Shaoxing

Exhibition Experience

2023.11, Nostalgia for Rural Wonderland, Rosso Art Space, Shanghai

2023.9, Spirit of Cornwall, RCM, Truro, Cornwall

2022.7, Poly Summer Exhibition, Falmouth

2022.5 - 6, Off Grid, Newlyn Art Gallery, Penzance

2022.3, Meta?, HOAA, Milano; xBAL Pop Up Gallery, Melbourne

2022.2, Pathway, solo exhibition at Fish Factory, Penryn

2021.11, PerSpectra, Copeland Gallery, London

2021.10, Subject Matters, Lewisham Art House, London

2021.8, Ebb & Flow, Falmouth University Graduate Show, Falmouth

2021.6, Repair, Cornish Bank, Falmouth

2020.10, UAL Graduate Showcase, Online

2020.9, New Faces, Sprout Art, London

2018.11, Work collected by Shanghai Xirui Co., Ltd.

2018.3, Una Mirada a Andalucía, Solo exhibition, Zuheros, Spain

2017.10, 2017.11, contributed to Oh Comely Magazine

2017.7, contributed to Average Art Magazine

2017.7, Two Folds, Bargehouse, London

2017.7, shortlisted in Royal Ulster Academy 136th Annual Exhibition


+44 0 7479 475 210

Ins: @cechenpaints

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